How to find local book events

Visiting the local library can be a great way to find opportunities to market your book.  As I came out of the library today I noticed a poster for an upcoming book event and they needed authors to do signings.  I would make it a habit to visit your local library and watch out for events that you may be able to participate in.

Information for this particualr event can be found at so if you happen to be in the Charleston area I would check this site out.

Visit your library this weekend and see what you can find! 


Writing Your Way to Recognition

One of the best things you can do to build visibility to your book is to publish your other writings.  Being published in trade journals and magazines can raise your visibility as a writer and thereby raise the visibility of your book.  You can also publish articles on-line as well.

I found the following information in a forum I am involved with that I think can really be of use when trying to find some other outlets to publish your book. 

“1. You can write for sites like Associated Content ( or Helium ( as a way of getting started. The pay is not a lot ($5 or less in many cases), but it’s a great way of improving your writing.

2. The Writer’s Market book is a wonderful resource and has contact information for many magazines (trade magazines are a great way to get started and there are more magazines listed than you could ever imagine)

3. Media Bistro and Writer’s Weekly are two other spots which list freelance work for people of all experience levels.”

I would definitely recommend giving some of these options a try and seeing if some other work published can help your book!

Success Story – Award Winner

One of the authors I work with, T.K. Garrison, just won the National Indie Excellence Award in the Young Adult Fiction category for his book, The Collin Chronicles: Book 1 – Magic, Bones, and Catacombs.

Here is a link to his website so you can learn more about his book –

Here is a link to his book on –

If you are looking for a book in this category be sure to check his out! 

Using Amazon Upgrade Program to Increase Sales

One of my authors emailed me today to inform me of a new option Amazon has released that may help you get additional sales of your book by allowing customers to purchase a digital version of your book right after they purchase the print version. It is a fairly small fee and allows the customer to start reading the book right away while allowing you to earn a few more dollars on your book. As long as your book is in Amazon’s Search Inside program you can use this feature. If your book is not activated with Search Inside and you are published through Booksurge you simply need to email and ask that they activate this Search Inside feature for you. If you are not a Booksurge author and need this feature for your book see this link –

If you are interested in signing up for the Amazon upgrade service you can email

If you have more questions about this program please visit the FAQ section on –

I hope this program helps get you some incremental sales!

Another Way to Build Visibility To Your Blog – Submitting Your Blog to Blog Catalogs

There are directories or catalogs of various blogs you can submit to and, if accepted, there viewership would then be able to access your blog. Most of these directories have a free option and this is the one I would choose. You can find some directories at the following link –

It is fairly quick and easy to do and I hope it will help you build visibility for your blog!

Another Way to Build Visibility To Your Blog – Allowing Visitors to Subscribe

Feedburner allows you to make it where people can subscribe to your blog so that they then get an update every time you make a posting. This is a great way to build a dedicated following around your blog and your book.

Feedburner also gives you an RSS feed that you can place into your Connect account so that your blog feeds into Connect automatically.

To do this go to and do the following:

(1) Place the URL for your blog into the blank provided
(2) Choose the RSS option
(3) Setup a username and password
(4) Click next and select all the stat options and click next again
(5) Under Blogger (click one of the other options if you are not using blogger) clcik on the publish a chicklet to display your feedburner feed
(6) Then you need to follow the directions it provides you on how to proceed
(7) I chose the smaller version of the first two widget options and do make sure that you select “Use as a widget in Blogger” if you used Blogger to create your blog
(8) If you used Blogger it will then direct you right to blogger and will place the widget in for you.

You can see how this looks by looking in the upper left hand section of my blog – it is the field that says “subscribe in a reader”

Go ahead and subscribe to my blog while you are there so that you can receive the posting updates!

How to Create a Blog

I have been posting quite a bit lately on how to build visibility to your blog and so I wanted to provide those of you who do not know how to get a blog started with a video that explains how to do this.

Please see this link –

It explains how to create a blog using – this is the service I first started on and is probably the easiest to use.

I now use and find it to be much better – click on this link to see a how-to video on setting up a blog with wordpress –

It is free so give it a try if you do not already have a blog!